Back-loaded Compressed Garbage Truc

ZGZ5250ZYSDFE5 compression garbage truck

This series of compressed garbage trucks is a new generation of post-loading compressed garbage trucks developed and designed on the basis of digesting and absorbing the advantages of similar products at home and abroad.
Product Highlights


This series of compressed garbage trucks is a new generation of post-loading compressed garbage trucks developed and designed on the basis of digesting and absorbing the advantages of similar products at home and abroad.

This series of products adopts the second-class automobile chassis modification, the appearance is simple and beautiful, the performance is excellent, the control method is humanized, the operation efficiency is high, the operation noise is low, and the post-installation two-way compression technology is used to complete the collection and transportation of urban domestic garbage.

The core components such as hydraulic and electrical components are selected from high-quality components, and the operation stability is high. The comprehensive performance has reached the advanced level of similar products in China.

1. It is mainly applicable to the collection and transshipment of barrel, bagged and bulk domestic garbage in urban residential areas, communities, large factories and mines, institutions and colleges.
2. Not applicable to the collection and transportation of construction waste, industrial waste and kitchen waste.

Optional (image is for reference only)

Name: Optional unloading device

Name: Optional dumper

Name: Optional lifting device

Name: Optional new tumbling device

Name: Optional tumbling bucket lifting device

Name: Optional flip cover
Environmental protection

● Double-layer rubber seal is used between the garbage can and the filler. At the same time, a sewage guiding device is arranged at the sealing place to divert the sewage into the sewage tank, effectively eliminating the secondary pollution caused by sewage leakage.
● The filler cover completely covers the filling port of the filler to eliminate the phenomenon that the dust is flying due to the disturbance of the airflow at the rear of the transportation process.
Highly efficient Super Efficient

● Adopting two-way compression technology, the garbage compression ratio is high, and the domestic garbage can be compressed to 600~800Kg/m³
● The filling bucket has a large volume, and the loading and unloading operation efficiency is high, and the loading operation cycle time is less than 10s.
Intelligence Intelligence

● Using a reliable controller, a specific logic control program is written to ensure that each operation instruction is executed in sequence, and the system is highly maintainable and reliable.
● The multimedia real-time monitoring system can be selected to monitor the filling, loading, unloading and rear view information to protect the safety of the vehicle.

● The main parts of the garbage bin, pusher, filler and other materials in contact with the garbage are made of high-strength weathering steel or wear-resistant steel. The overall structural performance is outstanding, and the corrosion resistance and wear resistance are strong.

● The advanced hydraulic lifting safety circuit is adopted. During the lifting process of the filler, even if the oil pipe bursts, the filler will not fall suddenly and cause a serious accident, which improves the safety of use. In the course of use, it is equipped with safety struts to provide double protection, which is safer and more reliable.

● Engine power output control means that the throttle control is fully automatic controlled by the electrical system to ensure that the engine can automatically select the acceleration and idle state under various operating conditions, avoiding power loss and system heating, reducing fuel consumption and economy. 

● The operation control box is installed in the cab and the rear of the vehicle. The operation control box in the cab can control the push discharge and select the operation mode. The operation control box at the rear controls the operation of the press mechanism and the bucket mechanism. Very convenient; especially in landfills, the operator can complete the unloading without having to get off the bus.

● Optional different bucket (bucket) mechanism: 240L and 660L standard plastic drums, 300L standard round iron drums, 600L and 800L small iron buckets, sealed covered garbage buckets and large garbage buckets.

● The side fence is made of aluminum alloy profiles, the overall appearance is beautiful, and full recycling can be realized to eliminate resource waste and environmental pollution.

Technical Parameters


· Engine power 180kW
· Control mode Automatic, manual
· Feeding cycle time ≤10s
· Maximum total mass 25000kg
· Wastewater tank volume 650L
· Chassis brand Dongfeng / Heavy Duty (Country V)
· Pressure filling cycle time ≤30s
· Dimensions (length x width x height) 10205, 10405, 10505 × 2500 × 3250, 3300mm
· Waste bin effective volume 18m3
· Discharge cycle time ≤55s